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List of Case Studies Creating an outcome hierarchy for Bayside REAP project

Creating an outcome hierarchy for Bayside REAP project

The Residential Energy Assessment Program (REAP) was delivered in the Bayside City Council community, Melbourne, in 2008, with assistance from the Victorian State Government.

The REAP trained voluntary Assessors to carry out on-site assessments and worked with residents in 66 households and personnel in 15 community organisations (eg: sports clubs) to reduce greenhouse gas emission levels.

In December 2008, Twyfords was invited by the National Centre for Sustainability, a partner of the REAP initiative, to demonstrate the use of an evaluation tool, the Outcome Hierarchy. It was used as an end of program evaluation of the REAP.

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What is the Toolbox?

The toolbox aims to provide a one-stop-site for the evaluation of community sustainability engagement projects that aim to change household behaviours. Through the toolbox you can learn how to conduct your own evaluation of a behaviour change project using the guides and templates provided.

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Why Evaluate?

Conducting an evaluation is considered good practice in managing a project.

The monitoring phase of project evaluation allows us to track progress and identify issues early during implementation, thus providing and opportunity to take corrective action or make proactive improvements as required.

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